Ramsgate, England (September 23, 2012 – Oktober 2, 2012)

Every year, students of all 7th forms make an excursion to an English-speaking country. This year we went for 9 days to Ramsgate, a little town in the South-East of England, located about two hours from London.
Accommodated in host families we had to go to school and alternately do classwork and fieldwork. At the end of the trip we had to do a short presentation on a self-chosen topic, for which we had already prepared in Vienna and continued to work on in the fieldwork units. The task was to ask the inhabitants of Ramsgate about our topic and the information received was then discussed with a native speaker in the classwork unit.

There was a different evening programme every day, starting with a welcome party, continuing with Karaoke evenings and discos as well as chillout evenings with the guest-families. Everything was well-planned and funny and helped to create an easy-going atmosphere. This way, school and fun were perfectly combined.

And then the enjoyment! – Trips to Gatwick, Dover, Canterbury and even two daytrips to London.
In Dover we visited the Castle of Dover and received a fascinating tour through the dark tunnels and bunkers and old scenes were impressively reenacted with sounds. It all felt terribly real. In Canterbury we looked at the old Cathedral and had a little stroll along the picturesque riverbank. On the first trip to London we went to the London Eye and the British museum. The sightseeing was rather educational and also interesting. On the second Trip we had a few hours of spare time and we were allowed to go shopping or do whatever we felt like doing.

This trip was an experience we will never forget! It was funny, informative and simply unforgettable!

Sibela, Stefanie (7A)